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We are now offering the Razor-sharp edge making system.

Kit Includes:

  • One 8”x 3/4” gritted Wheel*
  • One 8”x 3/4” slotted wheel*
  • 2 oz. of wax
  • 3 oz. of replacement grit
  • White “Jeweler’s” rouge
  • Instructions.

*The holes in the wheels are 5/8” with a removable ½” bushing installed.

These wheels are intended for use on a six inch bench grinder or buffer motor turning at least 3,000 RPMs.

This is the product that we use to put our hunt ready sharp edge on our heads.

Price: $58.95 + S&H

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Now Available!


Extra shipping charges may be requested on this item. Because of the size and weight of the item it tends to cost more than a standard broadhead sale depending on ship to location.


Made in the USA